some of Minneapolis in the summer I


7 thoughts on “some of Minneapolis in the summer I

    1. delimaf Post author

      Thanks so much, dear Sophie! That city is so cold in the winter! When the spring/summer come, it is like a party, as you know. Nature seems to try to compensate for the winter period and comes with full force. Glad that you liked it! Have a wonderful day, my friend! Bises!!! 🙂

    2. delimaf Post author

      Dear Sophie, Enjoy your evening and have a good night! Take care, my friend! Bises! 🙂
      PS: very hot in San Diego, with several wildfires around town. We are doing fine, although people had to be evacuated from their homes in certain regions. The weather will cool down starting tomorrow. It will be a welcomed relief. Take care! :):):) and another 🙂 for Apple!

      1. Sophie L.

        Mon cher Fabio, et moi qui rêve de chaleur et ces pauvres gens qui en sont victimes.. Je suis contente de lire que tout va bien pour vous, mais triste pour ces gens. J’espère que le temps ca s’améliorer pour que tout rentre dans l’ordre.
        Gros bisous de moi Apple et Psycat 😉

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