4 thoughts on “moon, and palms

  1. Sophie L.

    J’aime les 2 premières Fabio, j’adore voir la lune en plein jour, je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je suis toujours obligée de m’arrêter et de l’observer.
    Je te fais de grosses bises et très bonne soirée mon cher ami 🙂

    1. delimaf Post author

      Merci merci, dear Sophie! I have used the tripod for the first time. It is a little bit hard to find the subject on the lens, but once everything is set up, the click is fast and the results are much better. Hope the heat wave continues in your region, but with a more comfortable temperature. Bises a toi! Enjoy your Sunday, my dear friend! 🙂

  2. echtkuehn

    Really nice Fabio. I love Palms!
    This week i wasn’t a lot here at my blog because i was a week in Italy. It was really very nice. I’m a little bit sad, that the week is over yet.
    Your picture makes me smile 🙂

    1. delimaf Post author

      Great to see you back! And glad that you spent the week in Italy! Yes, we need time to recharge our batteries. This week we have with us two of the boys. Lucas, who studies in Philadelphia, and Dave, who works in New Zealand. We are cooking many meals, the coffee maker does not stop, the talks are long… 🙂 great times. Have a GREAT week, my friend! Take care! 🙂


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