2 thoughts on “beautiful Florida II

  1. sumana saman

    I miss that sometimes, the smell of ocean, salty and warm water, hot sand, breeze and sometimes thunderstorms in the evening. Hot and humid at this time of the year, ocean is super warm and the sand is burning hot. 20 minutes on the beach and you are red like lobster. Most beaches are empty. I am very happy for you.It kooks like you had a good time. Completely different weather than in San Diego. It is always good to take a break Ciao Faboi. sumana : )

  2. Fabio Post author

    Thanks so much for your rich comment, dear Sumana! You are right! At this time of the year, we cannot stay long on the beach. Better look for a tree shade, better drink much water. Take care and again, thanks so much! 🙂 Fabio


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