Saturday September 12th

Helped with home chores.
Went to the office to unclog the kitchen sink.
Prepared lunch.
Boarded the trolley to Santee.
Afternoon temp: 97 F (36 C).
Had a haircut. Then had a vanilla cone at the local McDonald’s.
Bought People (with the late Joan Rivers on the cover), and Poets&Writers at Barnes&Noble.
Posted three photos on WordPress.
Had supper.
Watched All Is Lost (2013) on TV, with Robert Redford. Good movie, in my opinion.
Finished this daily summary at 11:00 p.m.


4 thoughts on “Saturday September 12th

  1. sumowkowespotkania

    nice day! it is still warm where you are! we have a very warm September in Poland this year. Currently, 24-28 C- great for me, winter is coming, so I am charging my batteries. Peace, love and beauty Fabio. Wanda


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