The Butchart Gardens – Japanese garden

Victoria, BC - September '14

Victoria, BC – September ’14


6 thoughts on “The Butchart Gardens – Japanese garden

    1. Fabio Post author

      Thanks so much, my dear Sophie! The garden is spectacular! It was the highest point on our short visit to Victoria. The city is gorgeous and we were lucky because the weather was perfect! Have a GREAT day! Beijos, minha super amiga e EXCELENTE fotografa! I am sure Portuguese is a piece of cake for smart Sophie! 🙂

      1. Sophie L.

        Salut mon cher Fabio, je n’ai pas le temps de chercher ou se trouve Victoria ce matin;-) Mais au travers de tes photos cela semble un endroit merveilleux. Il y a une veille chanson française de Charles Trenet que j’avais apprise à la chorale quand j’ai débuté la musique, toute petite, qui s’appelle “un jardin extraordinaire” et tes photos me font penser à ça.
        Oui j’ai tout compris au portugais et sans le traducteur mais c’était pas dur;-)
        Je te fais de gros gros bisous !!!!!

      2. Fabio Post author

        One day I will learn a little bit of French to try to write to you something. I can read you comments mostly without the translator. Thanks so much for your support and especially for your friendship, which means so much! Have a wonderful day! Gros bisous to my wonderful friend Sophie!
        PS: Victoria is close to Vancouver, Canada. I will post some photos this evening. Take care! 🙂

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