Sydney I

We spent only three days in Sydney, Australia, but we left the town with our best impressions: a colorful and happy place; with extremely polite people; sunny and hot this time of the year (January); cosmopolitan; clean; with lots of children around; with art and engineering all over; with a wonderful nature; with excellent restaurants; etc. If you have plans to visit Sydney, please make them happen. You will be surprised with such a cool city. Thanks!

at the Hyde Park

at Hyde Park (Australia’s oldest public parkland)

at the Domain

at the Domain

Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye

close to the Archibald Fountain

close to the Archibald Fountain (January 2015)

21 thoughts on “Sydney I

  1. Sophie L.

    J’adore la première qui est très graphique et l’arrière plan coloré donne une belle dimension à cette image et la dernière est vraiment super, l’innocence de jouer avec les bulles, on aime tous cela. Bel aperçu de ta visite australienne. Je te fais de gros bisous et je suis contente que tu ai apprécié ton voyage. 🙂

    1. Fabio Post author

      Dear Sophie, Please make plans to visit this wonderful town! Thanks so much for your kind comments! Your choices are mine, too. We had a chance to meet a manager of one of the coffee shops and she was from France! She was very nice and spoke some words in Portuguese. We replied with our broken French… 🙂 All the best, my dear friend and grosses bisous!!!

    1. Fabio Post author

      Thanks so much, dear friend! You need to go to Australia and Sydney, if you haven’t been there yet. Great town! I imagine that your Wien is superb as well. Now the attack to the newspaper in Paris. The world has so many good things. The attack is on all of us! Take care, Stefanie! Best to you and Martin! 🙂

      1. echtkuehn

        I’ve never been to Australia…I think I’ll never see it…because i don’t like flying. But…who knows…maybe in a few years the fear is gone. There are many places around the world wich are worth seeing. But without the plane it’s difficult…
        In May I’m goinig on a cruise. I’m looking forward!
        So my friend…tomorrow is finally Friday. ( TGIF 😉 )
        I think i must make some pictures at last!
        Have a nice day!!

      2. Fabio Post author

        Thanks so much for your kind and interesting comment, dear friend! You and your husband have a terrific weekend and you take a good rest after a busy week. May will be here in a minute and you will be able to enjoy a good vacation. Some authors say that we travel better through the books. Who am I to deny such say? But trips from time to time give us a renewal in terms of thoughts and ideas. Looking forward to seeing your next post! Take care and enjoy the weekend! 🙂

  2. Maria Brinkley

    I love Sydney too! I first visited there when I was nine on holidays with my parents. then I lived there for about four years. the harbour is brilliant.

    I love the spider web photo. Looks so great on that background. spider web photos are not easy to capture. well done! 🙂

  3. vever02

    I love the spider web, she is beautiful on the first photo,
    it is a beautiful photographic series, thank you for sharing Fabio.
    Have a nice day. Hervé

    1. Fabio Post author

      Thanks so much, Herve’! I am sad with the news of the terrorist attack in Paris. Hope you and your family are OK. Take care, my wonderful friend! Fabio

  4. sumowkowespotkania

    Beautiful spiderweb, good to have you back. I am very happy for you, it looks like you had a wonderful time in Australia.. You are my top commenter, thank you for all your visits, words, for being a virtual friend. Love, hugs. Wanda

    1. Fabio Post author

      Good to be able to write to you again, dear Wanda! I will add my comments to your new posts over the weekend. The series on the Baltic Sea is terrific! Take care, my wonderful friend, and stay warm. Love, peace, and kisses and hugs, Fabio


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