14 thoughts on “The New Year For Trees – February 4th 2015

  1. echtkuehn

    The pictures from the paradise!! Every picture shows the wonder of life!! Nature is full of Beauty!! I like them so much my friend!! 1000000000000 stars 😉 Good Morning from Austria

    1. Fabio Post author

      Thanks so much, my dear friend! You are the one that deserves all those stars! Glad that you liked the photos – yes, Nature is so perfect and so precious. Like real friendship! Good Morning to you, from Mission Valley, San Diego! Have a wonderful day, Stefanie! 🙂

  2. vever02

    After viewing pleasure, there will be the pleasure of taste.
    Beautiful sunny photos.
    I wish you a nice day my dear Fabio

    1. Fabio Post author

      Thanks so much, dear Herve’! I saw your post about the hermite/convent but I have not had a chance to make a comment. I will talk to you later. Thanks so much for your wonderful posts! Hugs, Fabio


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