leisure activities

playing with Jake


                                           watching a good movie


reading or listening to


13 thoughts on “leisure activities

  1. vever02

    This should be a pleasure to play with Jake,
    it’s a beautiful dog. I know Gérard Depardieu
    but not the movie …
    Have a great week my dear Fabio.

    1. Fabio Post author

      That’s great Estelita! It is a short book, but very inspiring. Maybe not much new for you. In my case, it brings a lot of information. I am becoming Jew by choice. After so many years waiting for an opportunity, I finally grabbed it. I am so happy with my decision! All the best, my friend, and we will be able to discuss the book. Thanks so much!

      1. estelea

        I am pretty sure you know much more about Judaism than I do ! My family is very liberal, but aside from my Mum, practicing is is a “reflex”, something you learnt you have to do. I am much more on the spiritual side. But I am starting from scratch, I actually know more about Buddhism than Judaism. So really happy to have found your post 🙂 The book is on its way to me, looking forward to discussing it with you my dear friend! Have a great day

      2. Fabio Post author

        I can tell you the same, Estelea! You are a wonderful person! I think religions have the same purpose. I was raised Catholic, then I changed to Anglican. Reform Judaism is very liberal, as you know. I get so much energy and peace during the services; I love the congregation too! Buddhism is so valuable as well. We can learn from different religions. I am loving Judaism for the joy of the religion (no matter what). for the intellectual structure, for Shabbat, etc. I am anticipating to you what’s in the book… 🙂 You and your family take care! All the best, my wonderful friend!

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