…because there will always be a Friday


From Sao Paulo – October 2015.

It is so hard to post from the tablet! Anyway, I wish you, my friends, a wonderful weekend (especially to Stefanie). And Shabbat Shalom to some of you!

29 thoughts on “…because there will always be a Friday

  1. echtkuehn

    oh my friend. I’m hopefull. The last weeks were full of stress. I have no time for my blog, for my camera, for martin and me. I hate stressfull times. Thank you for this wonderful, calmful picture. It gives me power for the last day of the week. Take care of you. Greetings from Austria!

  2. anroworld

    Dear Fabio, your Friday post is a light after busy working week that we are always waiting for! Have a nice weekend and take care!


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