… today, two big losses :-(

Allen Toussaint, pianist, singer, composer, producer, etc., from New Orleans

Allen Toussaint

Allen Toussaint (Internet photo)


Helmut Schmidt, former German Chancellor

Helmut Schmidt

Helmut Schmidt (Internet photo)


9 thoughts on “… today, two big losses :-(

  1. taphian

    Fabio, I’m very astonished and happy that you remember Helmut Schmidt. He was a man with a lot of brain and has done a lot for my hometown Hamburg when we had the big flood in 1962. We will miss him a lot, rip, regards Mitza

    1. Fabio Post author

      Hello, Mitza! You know very well – Mr. Schmidt was a GIANT! Thanks so much for your kind comment! It is priceless to have someone like you to share this sentiment. All the best, my friend! 🙂

      1. taphian

        yes, Fabio, he was a very charismatic exceptional personality with a lot of brain and has done a lot for Hamburg. His funeral will be a state ceremony in Hamburg’s main church, St. Michael. People were standing for hours in front of our townhall to write something in the book of condolence. Have a good day, regards Mitza

  2. gertloveday

    Thanks for this. Just read about both deaths in my local paper. What’s happened to those great political figures who had vision and the strength to carry it through?


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