… from a very dear friend

“Thanks Fabio. Yes we are all counted safe, totally in shock but safe. There is an overall feeling of sadness and being lost, but I know we’ll make it. If we are here, it is because we have something positive to bring to the world. There is a time for everything, now is still the mourning time, then we’ll stand all together with the world and make something beautiful come out of all those ashes. Many many hugs back to you :)”

My very dear friend, Thanks so much for your thoughts, energy, humanism, and wisdom at this very dark hour. Your words soothe my pain and show me a way out. But we will never forget the lives lost, the victims fighting for their lives at the hospitals, the scars on our minds. Hugs to all your family and to you! 🙂

9 thoughts on “… from a very dear friend

  1. estelea

    Oh thanks so much! so very much! we can’t never forget, but only try to be strong enough to turn our deep pain into something positive, in memoriam of those who never returned, to give a sense to their tragic end. The former anti terrorist unit judge gave a brilliant interview about the terrorist attacks yesterday on the French TV. (https://www.facebook.com/frederic.bruel/videos/10153251218973730/?pnref=story). The challenge, he explained, is to remain one. A strong society standing united, all religions and all nationalities. It will be very challenging, we are in the midst of political elections in France, and of course those tragic events will be used to promote ultra conservator agendas. I would not be surprised if the FN (extreme right party) makes historical scores.
    Time all the States to be coherent in choosing their partners. It’s not only about business, it s about human values. And lives.

    1. Fabio Post author

      I agree with you! Thanks very much for the link to the TV program! Yes, it will be a challenge to make the next decisions. I trust the intelligence and wisdom of the people of France. I will email two articles – one from Haaretz, and the other from the Guardian. You, your husband, and the children stay safe and strong, despite these sad times. Take care, my wonderful friend! 🙂

  2. anroworld

    If there are such friends like that one who wrote it, there is always a chance to change this world for the better!

  3. gertloveday

    I’m beginning to think there may be some hope that these recent barbaric acts (Paris, Beirut, the Russian plane) may have some effect in mustering the rest of the world to stand together against ISIS.


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