Astrup – 1915


Marsh Marigold Night, c 1915, by Nikolai Astrup. Photograph: Dag Fosse/Kode Art Museums of Bergen

For more information about this Norwegian painter, please access the Guardian at:

26 thoughts on “Astrup – 1915

    1. Fabio Post author

      Dear Pat, Always great to read your fantastic comments! They are on the target, and you have a big heart! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  1. Sharon Mann

    Hi Fabio, fascinating article about Astrup. Thanks for posting. His painting style is so vibrant. I will need to study his painting style. Happy day 2 of the new year!

    1. Fabio Post author

      Hi Sharon, Glad that you liked the article! I love your 2016 door! I am sure so many colors and so much life will come through that door during the current year! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  2. Nicci

    This is beautiful. I love all the shapes of the ground. Nothing is flat. The town is beautiful. Off to discover this painter… Thank you for sharing.

  3. bymarion

    Oh, these beautiful Norwegian landscapes! I didn’t know this artist, and I’m so glad to discover his work: thank you for sharing it!
    Happy new year to you and yours, dear Fabio!

  4. gertloveday

    Hi Fabio

    your British readers might be interested to know there’s an exhibition of Astrup at the Dulwich Picture Gallery from Feb- May (a bit far from Australia unfortunately).


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