… look who’s regularly at the library … :-)


IMG-20160212-WA0001 (1)

Dedicated to all the book lovers and writers at WordPress, especially Enrico, Nia, Ann, Gallivanta, Amy, Rachel, Joan and Gabrielle, Jill, Maureen, Denise, Denise (my sister), Elizabeth, and so many others. Also dedicated to all our friends who always have super kind words for Auden. He and myself send a big “Thank You!”

28 thoughts on “… look who’s regularly at the library … :-)

  1. Elizabeth

    Hi Fabio, great shot! I really love books, and libraries. I have always taken my kids to the library, since babies, they love it too. The libraries here have programs for all ages, starting with babies. Such fun! You are doing a good job with your little one.

  2. Barbara

    I love that the books are in a cart at exactly the right level for his little eyes. He’s a scholar and author in training! Great picture, Fabio.

  3. Olga

    Wonderful to see your young child feel and get involved with books. I’ve always read to my two daughters since a very young age. They are young adults now, love reading and have bright minds.

  4. estelea

    I love that! Ipad will never have this kind of magic 🙂 Big Hugs to the Ambassador (he can share some with the tribe)

  5. Denise

    Bonjour cher Fabio, un grand merci de nous présenter ton petit bout de chou avec les livres. Il est trop mignon. Même petit, les enfants aiment les livres, les images et les histoires racontées 🙂 Merci pour cette belle photo.
    Mes amitiés

  6. enricogarrou

    Carissimo amico, grazie per questo post, che dà speranza alla gente che questo mondo possa cambiare con la lettura l’arte, il bello. Il tuo bimbo che legge, che è vicino alla libreria è un segnale forte di cambiamento. Un abbraccio grande e complimenti per la tua famiglia deliziosa. Enrico


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