10 thoughts on “annie lennox

  1. Mél@nie

    just awesome!!! ❤ when we lived in Paris for 8 years, we were lucky to attend 2 concerts of Eurythmics; Annie rules and rocks, btw, she's a Cappy gal like me! 🙂

    1. Fabio Post author

      Dear Kristallina, When we were living in Canada, we would say: “It’s winter, and this is Canada!” LOL No way, we had to shovel for hours and hours. Lennox is a jewel of singer and of woman. I am glad that you like her also. Thanks so much, my dear friend! Stay warm and healthy! Hugs from a sunny but cool San Diego. PS: Finally we had rain yesterday and last night. We wait for rain for several months, as the area is a desert.

      1. Fabio Post author

        1966 hatte Elisa Gabbai mit dem Titel Winter in Canada (komponiert von Christian Bruhn, Text von Georg Buschor) einen großen Hit in Deutschland. Das Lied wurde 1974 von Mireille Mathieu gecovert, später auch noch von Gitte Hænning und Ingrid Peters.

        Winter in Canada
        Elisa Gabbai
        I looked through my window
        The view was exciting
        Could I believe my eyes
        December was here and the snow was inviting
        And then to my surprise
        I wished like we all used to do
        And hoped that my wish would come true
        I wanted to find someone who would really love me
        And baby I found you
        Winter in Canada
        My heart’s all aglow
        When it’s winter in Canada
        They say love grows
        Every time it snows
        When it’s winter in Canada
        And now as I gaze every night
        Through my window
        At all the stars above
        I think of the moments of happiness we know
        And thank them for our love
        Do I owe my love to the stars
        The moon with it’s magical glow
        I really believe that I owe
        All my blessing to winter’s falling now

        Thanks so much for the song, dear Kristallina! It is beautiful!
        Have a great evening, my dear friend! 🙂 Hugs!

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