21 thoughts on “praying for peace after a terrible day in the U.S.

  1. elvira797mx

    Fabio, thank you for share that beautiful photo, it is beautiful.
    Dear friend, thrust in God, everything is goung to be fine.
    Querido amigo, te invito a leer mis últimos dos post, espero que te animen un poquito.
    Cuídate mucho por favor.
    Bonita noche

  2. chatou11

    Hi Fabio, yes it is good to have this beautiful picture after what happened to the Capitol yesterday. God bless Jo Biden to be a good President.
    Bye bye D. Trump, we wo’nt regret you.
    Have a nice end of week dear Fabio
    friendly yours

    1. Fabio Post author

      Counting down the day for this mucho loco president leave office, dear Chatou. Thanks so much for your support! With Biden, the U.S., France, and the world will be safer. Take care, my friend! 🙂

    1. Fabio Post author

      Thanks so much, dear Chatou! I am glad that you live in a more protected and healthier environment. Stay healthy and take care, my friend! Bises. Fabio PS: … and have another great weekend! 🙂

  3. Paquerite

    I just watched the news, but that’s rubbish …
    I am wholeheartedly with you.
    This story is totally creepy. The peoples are suffering and our democracies are suffering. But these images of chaos are mind-boggling … what strikes me is that some attackers are very well equipped, they are dressed and protected like soldiers.
    I kiss you hard Fabio.
    It’s a storm but please do as the reed, morale bends but does not break !!!
    And your photo is so beautiful that it quickly makes me think of something else, more positive and uplifting;)
    Kisses Fabio😘🌹

    1. Fabio Post author

      Dear Corinne, Let me start saying that you are a precious human being, a natural artist, and a person with senses and mind at full throttle. Thanks so much for your support and friendship! It was a very sad day for America. There was a strong reaction from ministers, pastors, rabbis, imans, who asked for peace. There are good and bad people in the world. Hopefully, things will calm down with the new administration. Thanks so much for your care, your thoughts, and your friendship! I admire your sensibility and care for the other very very much! Kisses back to you and please stay well and healthy! Take care, my dear friend! 🙂

  4. Kristallina

    I was thinking of you the whole time I saw the pictures on TV. Peace, quiet and that everything calms down is what everyone needs now. Hope that everything is over in 14 days. There is no better place than nature to find peace. Take care dear Fabio, stay healthy and all the best for the USA.
    Strength hug to you!

  5. Lena

    It was so surreal to watch the news, and terrifying. We need to take care of each other and democracy. Let’s hope for a much better tomorrow!
    Take good care and stay safe.

  6. Mél@nie

    let’s be realistic and lucid: prayers are “virtual”, but actions are concrete!!! sadly, “land of the free and democracy” is gone with this American tragedy, alas… the whole planet is still shocked; can you imagine for a sec’ what if black people had been among those redneck domestic terrorists?… the police would’ve shot them all!!! trump is THE only thug who did encourage his supporters-worshippers to invade the Congress; IQ45 has gained political capital with right-wing fascists for erasing Prez Obama’s work; the autocrat IMPOTUS is on his way out, but the right-wing white supremacists remain a huge “boulder” on the road ahead for Prez Biden and for the American people… 😦 trump should be tried for Genocide of over 320 000 American dead from covid, and this number continues to increase daily; the only place where sick trump belongs is a jail cell or a psychiatric ward!!!


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