18 thoughts on “peace train

      1. elvira797mx

        Querido Fabio.
        Yes, I already have a beatiful week ahead! Because my friend Fabio write to me.
        Thank’s from your friend more from here, ha,ha,ha.
        Take care a lot!

      1. puzzleblume

        So do I! I hope, the young people will take their chance to vote more than ever. They are a demoscopic minority group among the persons entited to vote, but their interests are the most urgent, by comparision.

  1. Kristallina

    My dear friend! It´s so sad that it is still relevant after so many years. This is what the world needs…..Peace train and hope and unity.
    Happy weekend to you and your family, dear Fabio. Hugs to you!

    1. Fabio DeLima

      Thanks so much, dear friend Kristallina! Your thoughts and words are always important to me. Hope you are having a nice weekend and seeing the colors of the new season. All the best, good health included! Hugs to you! Fabio


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