6 thoughts on “chagall

  1. Kristallina

    Picasso and Chagall were my late husband’s idols. He painted himself and many of his paintings are reminiscent of the two. It’s a shame that I’m not in Frankfurt but it was nice to see it digitally.
    I hope you are well, my friend. Hugs across the miles, dear Fabio!

    1. Fabio Post author

      Thanks so much, dear Kristallina! This video is fantastic! I am so glad that you liked it. Have a great time during this beautiful season. Take care and many “hugs across the miles.”

  2. gertloveday

    Thank you for this Fabio. I love Chagall’s work How I wish I could visit this exhibition in Germany, but the article and paintings on this site provide a wonderful insight into his work. Best wishes from flooded Melbourne

  3. mddemange

    What a gift you’re sharing! Thanks a lot. Chagall for sure felt the anguishes of his time and expressed them colorfully to keep us struggling on and on. (and I think we are.)


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