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of Nature, and human hands … (and many thanks!)

La Jolla shore - June 2015

La Jolla shore – June 2015









Arlene Schehet - (from www.arleneschehet.net) -  Exposition at The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston -  Jun 10–Sep 7, 2015

Arlene Schehet – (from http://www.arleneschehet.net) – Exposition at The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston –
Jun 10–Sep 7, 2015

And last, but not least, many thanks to all our good friends who wrote so kindly to me recently! You are amongst the ones who inspire me to continue with this humble blog!

Nia, Denise, Thais, Monica, Anne (KY), Sophie, Herve’, Soizic, Barbara, Donna (MA), Maria, Patrizia-Enrico (Italy), Estelea, Wanda, Julie-Julie-Julie, Stefanie-Martin, Gallivanta, Anne-MacHenry-Christina-Lena-Marion-Ullis-Kristallina-Irene- storstadsnatur-Kerlund (Sweden), Anne (Ukraine), Jill, Cindy, The Compassionate Gardener, Georges, Melanie, Sharon, Nancy, Amanda, Joke, Mary, Ana-Schelley (FL), Noeline, Replicant Core, errinspelling, Susan (MA), Eugenia, Pierrette, Rachel, Norma, Joanne, Boeta and parents, Melissa Shaw-Smith, Maureen (NZ), Roweeee, rrearick, wondersbykaari, Heather, fredonnezmoi, Joshi Daniel, naturesereine, peacockprairie, Lisa (AU), Jena Schwartz and Mani Schwartz , Debra (:-)), La Tribu d’Anaximandre, Pascalou (👏 👏 👏), Alexandre P, Carol Balawyder, Violettinia, jensjewishjourney, Mijnnikonenik, jeannettepaterakis, and several others not mentioned.

… because it’s Friday …

“How was your week?”

“I had to make some hard calls.”

“… and it was hard to keep the equilibrium!”

“Even the weather did not collaborate. Especially in the mornings. It was more a matter of black and white, and their variations.”

“And I could not see much ahead because of the hurdles in front of me.”

“Each of the flowers corresponds to a phone call received at the office. Not weekly, but daily!”

“The one flower corresponds to the number of successful transactions (only one!) over the phone; not daily, but weekly!”

“In summary, it was a rough week! 😦 “

“But today is Friday! (Finally … 🙂 )

… and the weekend promises:

... better weather ...

… better weather …

... a longer walk with the dog ...

… a longer walk with the dog …

... and more time with the family.

… and more time with the family.

Shabbat Shalom to some of you, and a GREAT weekend to all of you! 🙂