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Mum …

Sao Paulo - Oct. 2015

Sao Paulo – Oct. 2015

She loves …

               her children, grandchildren, and great grandchild,

                               Sao Paulo,

                                                 volley ball games,

soap operas on Globo,

                                                       mistery books,

                                                                               crossword puzzles, movies,

                        Chopin, and piano,

rice and bean meals, milk with coffee, ricotta cheese, mangoes,

                                                               Estadao newspaper,

                  Christmas markets,

                                       lunches with the family,

                                                    Campos do Jordao,

antiques, … and the list could go on and on…

She has always a sweet smile. She is always optimist. She prays.

                                             Lia (Leah), we love you!