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California at a higher latitude, seen by Nicci.

ASC race

“This photo was taken on February 27 2016 and shows the middle-grade boys division starting their race. It took place at Alpine Ski Club, which is located at Soda Springs, CA.” – Nicci Carrera.

As soon as I saw this photo, I immediately loved it! Nicci is a wonderful friend and has a very big heart. She is a writer, photographer, planner/project manager, editor, nature advocate, etc. –  yes, she wears many hats! Above all, she is a great human being.

She blogs at http://niccicarreraromance.com/

Thanks so much, Nicci! And cheers to our friendship at WordPress!

Painter Katz, 88. Writer Oz, 76.

Painter Katz, 88.


Writer Oz, 76.


From the New Yorker

From the New Yorker.